18 August 2013

Hustle – bustle of Kanwar Mela in Haridwar

The city, Haridwar become a perfect example of Ganga Yamuni tehzeeb these days. On one side, Ramazan is approaching its last days of fasting and Islamic devotees wearing skull cap can be seen around offering prayers in mosques.
The hustle-bustle of the Kanwar mela in Haridwar & Rishikesh came to an end on Monday with devotees offering Ganga water in temples to mark Shivaratri fest.
The last day of Kanwar mela (Sunday) witnessed a deluge of dak kanwarias on bikes and other vehicles reaching the holy city to fetch water from Ganga River to be offered at their native Shiva temples. Clad in saffron Ts and shorts, these Hindu devotees could be seen everywhere in the Haridwar city as well as in Rishikesh. If the fortnight long fest had 30% rush of kanwarias, 70% darted to the sanctum sanctorum in the last two days.
An eyewitness to the rush, a resident of Shivalik Nagar, Haridwar said, “I counted 63 bikers in one minute crossing the road leading to Haridwar Roorkee national highway.”
“This time it was total reversal in the influx pattern of kanwarias and the turnout was far more than expected. Earlier it used to be 70% Kanwarias on foot and 30 % on bikes and heavy vehicles but this time it turned out to be the other way round 30 % on foot and 70 % on vehicles, “SSP Rajeev Swaroop said.
Capacity of Bairagi camp is to hold 30,000 vehicles and it busted to its seams on Saturday and Sunday, with other dweeps like Chamgadar tapu filling to their capacity as well, he added.
The bedecked temples of Haridwar such as Daksh Mandir in Kankhal. Bilwakeshwar temple on hill bye pass road, Neeleshwar mahadev on Nazibabad highway, Til Bhandeshwar mahadev beckoned thousands of devotees on Monday morning.
Since early morning, devotees thronged the temples to offer bilwa leaves, and fruits and milk on the Shivalinga.
However, a drizzle and light showers after 9am left many devotees confined to their homes. 

Source: Times of India.

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